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Re: Packages

rdm@gopher.legislate.com (Raul Miller)  wrote on 15.02.96 in <[🔎] m0tnEL1-00071pC@rdm.legislate.com>:

> Kai Henningsen:
>    Well, the following shell script will do it. Input a Slackware
>    package, output a Debian package.
> You left out the disclaimer about how we're not responsible if the
> slackware package screws up a debian system.

See /usr/doc/copyright/GPL :-)

Anyway, "proper" documentation would mention that that's not the way to  
make a package for the Debian distribution, more important IMHO. And  
anyway, that's true for every .deb.

In fact, the *only* purposes of this thing are:

1. Make the dpkg system aware of the package. Among other things, enable  
it to remove the package.
2. Show the minimal mechanics of making a package - sort of a man page by  

MfG Kai

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