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Re: ftp site and dpkg

On Thu, 15 Feb 1996, brian (b.c.) white wrote:

> >You are exactly right Dirk. I always get this confused. The diff file is 
> >for the creation of the Debianized source files from the upstream source. 
> >If you already have the upstream source, then you only need to get the 
> >diff file and run patch on the original to get the Debian source.
> I can't guarantee it, but I think "diff" is smart enough that it will
> work in either direction.  If it detects the patch already in place, it
> prompts you if you it should consider the patch file as a "reverse-diff"
> and can then reverse the process.

Well, it's actually patch that does the job (sort of). I have never gotten 
a diff file to actually produce the upstream source from the Debian 
source. Patch does ask if you wish to reverse the patch, but as often as 
not many of the debian.xxx files get an additional copy appended to them 
with files debian.xxx.orig of 0 length. In addition if you have the 
debian path with the package source in it and a package.orig path that is 
empty (or even the other way around) patch does not actually create files 
in package.orig (in stead xxx.orig files appear in the other directory). 
None of these results actually creates the other package. You must go in 
and clean up the directory using some thought and understanding of what 
was there to start with.

On the other hand, patch works fine for what it was intended. If you have 
a diff file and patch a path with it, that path gets all the patches 
properly and leaves the old, unpatched files behind with the .orig 
extension. Thus, it should be no problem to change the upstream source 
with patch and the diff, into Debian source. 

I have had less that stellar results trying to do the reverse.



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