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Re: Packages

Alan Eugene Davis:
   dpkg is a pleasure to use on .deb packages; it would be wonderful
   if it were able to log in non-debian packages, and, likewise, if
   debian packages could be exported.  On the first, maybe a script
   would enable me to package up a tar file, add comments?

As I understand it, the adding odd files to a package mechanism is on
the todo list.  However, if you don't mind a couple minutes work you
can easily make your own "debian packages".  

For example, you could make a directory named slak-emacs, go into that
directory and untar the slackware emacs stuff.  Then, make the
directory slak-emacs/DEBIAN/ and put in it a file named 'control' with
the contents:

Package: slak-emacs
Version: 0
Maintainer: nobody
Description: emacs
Provides: emacs

[feel free to change the values around to your tastes.]

Then, in the parent directory type

dpkg-deb --build slak-emacs

and it will make you a .deb format file.  

Likewise, if you have a .deb format file you can unpack it in an empty
directory (use the --root= option to dpkg) then user tar to repack it.
You'll lose some information (the setup and cleanup scripts and
everything in the control file) but presumably you don't care about


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