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Re: Packages

At the debian ftp site you will find the .deb packages. The directories 
non-free and contrib contain packages that are not part of the normal 

The guidlines for making packages the distribution.  You can also use the 
info to create a package any software you wish to be able to manage using 
the debian system.

If you do create a package and it is something we could all benfit from, 
please do share it with us.  

What program do want to see packaged? Someone may be working on it all ready.


On Wed, 14 Feb 1996, Leszek Gerwatowski wrote:

> I'm new on this list so my question is very simple (and maybe stupid).But ...
> Where can i find any packages (except normal distribution packages) in 
> .deb format? As i understand any package installed on Debian should be in 
> this format - in other case system database of installed packages will be 
> unupdated so i will have no chance to deinstall and manage package this 
> same way as i do with normal distribiution packages (with dpkg or 
> dselect). Maybe there is same way of preparing .deb package from normal 
> one in usual .tgz format??
> Thanks in advance!
> Leszek Gerwatowski
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