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Re: Problem with ELF development suite

> ii  gcc              2.7.2 5    The GNU C compiler (ELF version).

> I am trying to compile the following source packages:
> ii  source          1.2.13 7    Linux kernel source.
> ii  ftape             2.03 1    QIC-117 (Floppy-tape) driver, in source code fo

> I have successfully made one ELF binary: xbench. However, I seem to be having a
> problem with in-line assembly code that is present in asm/io.h.

This is a known problem with the combination of kernel 1.2.13 and an 
ELF gcc 2.7.2.

There is a separate patch floating around the net for this somewhere,
but the easiest solution I've seen is to replace the asm/io.h with
one from the 1.3.x kernel series.

Hope this helps,
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