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Re: Sony CDROM 33A

In message <[🔎] 199602140314.VAA22323@orions0>, Dennis Chambers writes:
>So far everything has gone without a hitch, except that I have yet to figure o
>ut how to access my sony 33A cdrom drive. Any suggestions would be greatly app

Well, first you'll need to recompile your kernel, because I don't
think the CDU3XA support is built into the stock kernel.

Assuming you have some version of the linux-doc package installed (and
if you don't, you should), you can look for instructions about how to
do that in /usr/doc/HOWTO/Kernel-HOWTO.gz.

You'll need several debian packages---get source-1.2.13-X.deb (it's in
binary/devel) and work back from there to figure out what else you

Once you've done this, you have to configure linux to be booted from
some boot program that can feed it appropriate parameters to tell the
driver where to look.  This is documented in the driver itself which
can be found (once you install the source package) in

I'll admit that there's an awful lot unsaid in that description.
Buying a book like _Running Linux_ might be advisable---it provides a
much more gentle introduction to some or all of the above.

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