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Re: svga library support.

The ELF svgalib isn't quite ready, if that's what you're missing.  I
want to get a little testing done before uploading it, though I don't
expect to have time to do this before the weekend.

Use the a.out compiler and the currently available Debian svgalib and
all should be OK.

Alan Eugene Davis writes:

>I was able to compile Gnuplot beta source on this debian
>mostly-like-1.1 box, just as on a Slackware 3.0 notebook.  But on the
>debian box, there is no "linux" terminal capability, ie. no svga
>graphics---indicating that Gnuplot has had some problem finding the
>libraries.  Are there some I have think I have .   On the Slackware
>system, svga ("linux") capability  compiled in ok.  
>I have a number of ELF libraries; is there something I should know, or
>something I can do to encourage Gnuplot to compile with svga

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