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Re: NFS Mounting question

On Wed, 14 Feb 1996, Karl Ferguson wrote:

Hi Karl,

> I have a rather confusingly composed question ahead - it's tricky :-)

Nope, same problem I have here with SunOS 4.x

> I have 3 machines (1, 2 and 3).  I nfs mount a directory on machine 1 to
> machine 2 - fine. However, I want mahcine 3 to nfs mount the directory that
> machine 2 mounted from machine 1.  It works, however the directories are
> empty.  I believe I have to re-export a drive or something similar - is
> this possible?

It should be possible at least with linux only machines, while i.e I get 
"too many externals" with SunOS.... there might be a limit somewhere. Any 
pointer from one of the absolute gurus would be appreciated.



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