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Re: emacs related problems

Thanks to all who responded to my quries about emacs and ispell.
There are a couple of things that has to be said.

1.  I know that the site-start.el file actually lives in /etc.  Debian
already put a symlink in /usr/lib/emacs/site-lisp for me so if Emacs
looks for site-start.el in /usr/lib/emacs/site-lisp, it should find
it.  Thanks to Christ Lynbech, I 'll try to follow his suggestions to
track down the problem  (I have to try it at home after work).  

2.  I mentioned emacs 19.28 of Slackware has no problem with
site-start.el or ispell.  I didn't install Debian over Slackware.
Debian is in a fresh new partition so there can't be any old
ispell.el(c) lying around.  

Thanks again for all the info.  Now, who has ideas about the ppp
problem I posted a few minutes ago?


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