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Re: pppd

>>>>> "Alvar" == Alvar Bray <alvar@charon.meiko.co.uk> writes:

Alvar> The correct ppp package to use for Debian 0.93R6 is

Alvar> 	/debian/debian-0.93/binary/net/ppp-2.2-1.deb

Alvar> It has been tested and works fine. (This package is based on
Alvar> ppp-2.2.0b)

Actually, I have exactly the same problem the original poster
described with the distribution kernel 1.2.13 and ppp-2.2-1.deb.  I
still haven't got the solution.  It seems that the distribution kernel
was compiled with a very old ppp package and hasn't updated when
ppp-2.2 was made available.  I also tried to compile a new 1.2.13
kernel with ppp support after installing ppp-2.2-1.deb but was
unsucessful with errors in the compilation process (something like
`incompatible pointer type' in ppp.c).

Using this kernel, warnings ``ppp0, ppp1, ppp2 ppp3 are not linked''
was displayed at boot up time and `cat /proc/net/dev' shows no ppp?

AFAIK ppp-2.2 is for kernels 1.3.x.  Where do I get a older debian ppp
package that is supposed to work with kernel 1.2.x??


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