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Re: Partition inconsistency

On Mon, 12 Feb 1996 br00031@bingsuns.cc.binghamton.edu wrote:

> Then I made a new 
> partion with all the available space.  It seems to have worked out fine 
> except for one thing. The command df still shows the old space for the 
> drive, but fdisk shows the new larger amount.   Is there away to inform my 
> entire system about the change that I made?

Unfortunately the only practical way to change the size of an ext2 
filesystem is to recreate it.

You would have been better off creating an ext2 filesystem on the spare 
partition and mounting it somewhere useful, for instance as /var or /tmp.

If you can remember EXACTLY how the disk was partitioned before you made 
the change then you might be able to recreate this 15Mb partition, but 
it's even more dangerous than deleting the 15Mb partition was in the 
first place; you are likely to lose your filesystem. (The impression I'm 
trying to convey is that if you try this and lose your filesystem, don't 

Steve Early

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