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Re: Partition inconsistency

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> I had a extra 15 meg linux partion on my drive. (an error when 
> installing)  It was completely useless.  Tonight I got rid of it.
> Using fdisk I deleted that partion and my real linux partion.  I knew 
> there was risk in this, but nothing ventured ....  Then I made a new 
> partion with all the available space.  It seems to have worked out fine 
> except for one thing. The command df still shows the old space for the 
> drive, but fdisk shows the new larger amount.   Is there away to inform my 
> entire system about the change that I made?  I would like to be able to 
> use that extra space.  Thanks in advance

You didn't say that you did a mkfs (mk2efs?) on the newly formed partition.
You need to do that.  I hope you have backed up the data on that partition
too, 'cause you will have to reload it after the mkfs.


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