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I was browsing through the mini HOWTO's and I was reading the Bogomips 
one, and I noticed that according to the document, a normal 486 DX/DX2 
has a bogomips around half of it's clockspeed, and that particularly low 
values often indicate an improperly configured bios. Anyway, I'm running 
an AMD 486DX4-120, and my Bogomips only shows up at 3.08. I realize that 
this isn't a very good measure of system performance, but I thought that 
the particularly low value might indicate that my cmos isn't setup 
properly. I am running the default values for virtually everything buy my 
hard drive settings, and I've tried enabling/disabling various options 
like adapter ram cache, and rom cache, and what not but no change. Any 
suggestions on how to figure out what settings I should use?

						Shawn Asmussen
						Omaha, NE, USA

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