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Re: ELF upgrade

I've had to do the reinstall-and-go-to-ELF from hardware disasters a 
couple of times.  Here is a sketchy order of operations.  

1. install base disks
2. install ELF ldso
3. install libc5 and libc5-dev
4. install libc4 

At this point you're good to run ELF, a.out binaries. The next bit is 
crucial to being able to reboot:

5. install source, binutils, gcc, cpp, bin86
6. build and install a kernel supporting native (non-module) ELF
7. install ELF sysvinit 

>From here on out, it's OK to just dselect, if you can stand it.
You'll need to install all the newer base packages, but once you have
done the above it's just regular package upgrades.

There are a few gotchas: XPM is ELF-only, but some a.out packages including
fvwm rely on the a.out XPM.  I don't know what the ``recommended'' course
of action is; I had an a.out machine which I grabbed the a.out library
binary from and went from there. 

Bill Gribble

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