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ELF upgrade

So my laptop overheats, causing memory problems, causing much of the
filesystem to get trashed :-( Fortunately I have backups of most
things (and debian packages for the rest, yay...)

Since I have to re-install anyway ("Root inode not allocated, reallocate?")
now would be a good time to upgrade to ELF as well. I'm looking for
two things:
	1) best available instructions (for both running ELF and
building ELF while preserving the ability to build a.out)
	2) any mirrors of unstable (I've checked a few from
MIRRORS.readme, they seem to only have mirrored the base release.)

Suggestions? (Once this is done I'll be able to put out the packages I
maintain as ELF directly, but I'd still like to do this as a test of
"normal user upgrade" if that makes sense...)
					_Mark_ <eichin@cygnus.com>
					Cygnus Support, Eastern USA

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