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Re: AHA-2940 SCSI Adaptor Driver

According to Yoshito Yamane:
> Hi Folks.  I'm a real newbie to Linux, but I'm trying to
> set up Debian GNU/Linux.  I got Adaptec AHA-2940 PCI
> SCSI Master in my machine.  I found in one of the HOWTO
> doc's that the driver for this is availabe at:
> 	ftp://remus.nrl.navy.mil/pub/Linux
> But, alas, the access to this ftp site seems to be blocked.
> Does anyone has a suggestion on the alternate source?

I've found it on ftp.redhat.com and placed it on a web
site at work.  http://www.wgs.com/  Just go to the technical
support section.  There's you'll find a boot disk (good
for RedHat, Slackware, and probably Debian), patch kit and
an intergrated source with version 1.2.13.


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