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installation problem

Hi all

Having been following this list for the past months I've just installed
debian 0.93 on a second hard disk on my slackware system. Looking good - I've
got X and fvwm in action after a little hassle with a recalcitrant mouse which
took a dislike to the default /dev/ttys0 and preferred a relationship with
/dev/cua0. My main installation difficulty stemmed from a bad e2fsck loaded
from the base disk set which wouldn't execute. Lots of things didn't happen
as a result, which rather confused me. Actually I've used three different
disk images (two ftp'd, one from the PHT January Linux Monthly) all with the
same result. The file size is only around 30k compared to around 150k for the
real thing unpacked from the e2fs..deb package. I did wonder whether the
problem might be related to the odd disk image size of base floppy 3 (1.345Mb
compared to the full 1.474Mb of the other four floppies). 

Thanks for debian. I hope to join you as a package maintainer when I get up
to speed with it - I've got my eye on a few, including ML, the excellent
IMAP/Motif based mail program by Mike Macgirvin.


John Storrs, Laboratory for Micro Enterprise
Oakley Court, Benson, Wallingford OX10 6QH, UK
tel/fax 01491 832932  email lme@storrs.demon.co.uk
home page under construction  http://www.i-way.co.uk/~storrs/

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