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Re: dpkg-1.0.17 and ftp.debian.org

Buddha Buck writes ("dpkg-1.0.17 and ftp.debian.org"):
> Recently on the debian-changes list, Ian Jackson announced dpkg version 
> 1.0.17.  I can't access ftp.debian.org, and the mirror on 
> ftp.microworld.net doesn't seem to have any version newer than dpkg 
> 1.0.15.
> Two questions:
> 1) I am still running an a.out system.  I am planning on waiting until 
> Debian 1.1 before I switch to ELF.  There is no mention in the 
> announcement if this version is ELF only, or is compatable with a.out.  
> Should I upgrade dpkg now, or wait?

1.0.17 is a.out, and installing it should be safe.  If you're doing a
lot of stuff with dpkg atm you'll probably want to upgrade first;
otherwise you can just leave it.


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