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UPDATE on ftp.debian.org problems.:(

In addition to having an ether card go out on the machine, we have also 
found some bad networking cables in a few different locations in the 
building.:(  (I sure don't enjoy digging through ceiling panels for 
cable.):)  We have gotten the new card but are now hard at work 
correcting the network problem.  Matt and I are hard at work trying to 
resolve the problem so to solve the problem and get back up ASAP for you 

For an _ESTIMATE_ (not yelling here) I'm hoping to have www.debian.org 
back on line Tuesday sometime and ftp.debian.org will follow there after 
depending on how fast the archive will update it's self.  NOTE:  Please 
bear in mind that this is just an estimate.  I am assuming we don't find 
any more network cable breaks.

Sorry to those of you who receive this twice due to being on both lists.


David Brinks - Assist Sys Admin.   brinks@cps.cmich.edu                   
422 Pearce Hall                    Mail maintainer of:  archive, ftpadmin 
Computer Science Department           www, and sometimes other accounts   
Central Michigan University           used for admin purposes.            
---All opinions, and possibly some of the facts, are strictly of my own.----

Machine/network maintainer of www.debian.org and ftp.debian.org

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