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i	recently	started	playing	with	debian	got	it	working	pretty	well
but	being	a	newbie	i	downloaded	all	the
availaible	packages	and	used	dpkg	to	install	them
all	at	once...

it	was	humming	along	fine	until	(yep-u-guessed-it)	i	
ran	out	of	room	on	my	HD	...	then	all	the	.deb	packages	(which	i	was	
storing	in	/tmp)	disapered	..	ithought	"fine	i'll
just	download	one	package	at	a	time	and	install	it
...but	now	hwneever	i	try	and	install	anything
i	gte	a	"device	full	error"	i	also	have	a	HUGE
lost+found	dir	but	cant	see	whats	in	it??

any	ides?

any	help	appreciated:)

The frenzied dash and dart of dragonflies
Is stilled: a crescent moon begins to rise.

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