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i	have	a	personel	debian	host	at	an	ISP
here	in	australia	..	bu	whenever	i	try	and
telnet	to	it	i	get	"permission	denied"

now	i	think	its	some	security	mesure	(maybe
a	failure	to	resolve	the	IP	of	the	remote

im	not	sure	what	it	is	and	im	not	sure
what	file	to	modify	to	fix	the	problem	

any	advice	appreciated

  ///\  IAmKaneda
  c-00  On parole from the Uni Of Wollongong Penitentiary
  \  >  After Serving a 4 year BA sentence
  |\_-  Kaneda@dialx.sydney.com.au (?)
  \ /

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