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fvwm and xpm

Following up on my own posted question.

I found that I had to use the xpm package from the stable tree.

This has happened several times, and it leads me to make a suggestion
(or two) on organization of the archive:

  Why not put a short readme in the "unstable" tree, when a package
may depend upon something from the stable tree?

  An aside:  Since the debian archive is in many ways incomplete, and
probably will continue to be for awhile, why not put pointers to other
software or packages or interest?  These could be readme files, and
they could even be in a separate directory.  There are compiled
binaries for linux all over the net.  

Another thought would be
to discuss in, say, the debian manual how to install packages from
slackware, what kinds of caveats?  Etc...  I am about to install
Slackware emacs 19.30, which is ELF, but the tree is a bit different
than in 19.28 or 19.29.

Alan Davis


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