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More about documentation...

I was woken up by some noise this night, and couldn't go back to sleep.
So I wrote a quick first draft of what I've been meaning regarding the
Debian documentation WWW interface.  It is attached to this mail, and
is also available as <URL:http://www.iki.fi/liw/linux/debiandoc.html>.

None of the links work, but it should give some idea of what I mean.

Note, by the way, the total lack of inline images. :-)

Title: Debian documentation home page for liw.clinet.fi

Debian documentation

This is the documentation home page for liw.clinet.fi. It provides access to documentation installed with the Debian packaging tools, and possibly to other documents provided by the local system administration.

Documents can be searched using assigned keywords, full text searches, or by browsing hierarchical lists.

Assigned keyword search

Enter all keywords to be searched: ................................... Select document types to search: () all () man () Info () HTML () other.

Search. Clear. List of possible keywords.

Full text search

Enter search _expression_: ................................. Select document types to search: () all () man () Info () HTML () other.

Search. Clear. Search _expression_ syntax.

Document lists

There are several lists of documents that you can browse.

About documentation on Debian Read the Debian documentation overview, for a description of the kinds of documents available on a Debian system, and how they are organized. See also the Debian documentation administration document for a description of how the documentation is made accessible via this WWW interface; this document also describes how locally created or installed documents can be added to the interface.

About the Debian GNU/Linux system

The Debian GNU/Linux system is an operating system based on the Linux operating system kernel, GNU Project software, and other freely available software. Debian strives to create a high quality free software system, which is easy to install, keep running, and upgrade.

Read the Debian Manifest for more information about the project goals, and the Introduction to the Debian project for more information. Check the bug report database when you have a problem to see if it has already been fixed, or the bug reporting guide, if you have a new problem.

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