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exit() failed


I have written a big application under X11/Motif and ported it 
under linux/Slackware(in the past) and linux/debian(now).
when I want to quit the application I use an exit() call
of course, but it failed: it turns in a sort of infinite

here is what says the debugger gdb when I hit Ctrl+C

Program received signal SIGINT, Interrupt.
0x401278b4 in _free_internal ()
(gdb) bt
#0  0x401278b4 in _free_internal ()
#1  0x40188c64 in __shtab ()

I use parts of the development tree so that I have elf.

any idea on what's going on ??

remark: it ran fine under Slackware/elf

thanks in advance

Prud'homme Christophe

 + E-Mail: prudhomm@asci.fr
 + Tel: (33) 1 69-82-41-87
 + Laboratoire ASCI: applications scientifiques pour le calcul intensif
 + Batiment 506 Universite Paris Sud
 + 91405 ORSAY cedex
 + France
Linux or not Linux ?? 
Linux of course !!(is there anything better??)

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