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Request for a getty entry for a dial-in modem

I'm running a pretty plain vanilla Debian installation and am wanting
to support remote logins via the modem.  I did this long ago with a
system that I had build on since the Linux 0.12 days and used (I think)
mgetty.  As I recall it was pretty involved replacing all of the getty
stuff with mgetty.  I don't really want to go to all that trouble 
again if there is an easier way.  

My copy (old) of the serial HOWTO only discusses remote logins using

My question is, do I have to get another getty package or will the
getty (agetty??) that comes with Debian support remote logins?

The second request is, if anyone is doing that, would they mind
sending me a copy of the pertinent lines from their inittab 
and startup files?  


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