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Re: SWI-Prolog, ADL, and Linux `gcc'?

"BP" == Bruce Perens <bruce@pixar.com> writes:

  BP> Try -ldld instead of -ldl.
  BP> Bruce
  BP> --

   Hi again.

   Ok, I replaced `-ldl' by `-ldld' and the SWI-Prolog executable
compiled successfully.

   So it seems Debian-0.93 Linux users who like me happen to be using
the ELF ld.so can *build* the SWI-Prolog that comes with the ADL-1.0
system in either of two ways at this time:

	(1) `../src/configure --disable-shared' 

	(2) `../src/configure' and change `-ldl' to `-ldld'

  [If I try to run the SWI-Prolog ELF executable that comes in the ADL
Linux package, I get

	./pl-dist-ELF: can't load library 'libtermcap.so.2']



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