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> No!  Reply-To: is something entirely different, and will *not* solve
> the problem.
> 	hostnames=sfere.elmail.co.uk:sfere.uk.geeks.org
>		- the names which should be recognised as being local.
>		  So user@sfere.elmail.co.uk is assumed to be `user'
>		  on my machine, rather than requiring external
>		  delivery.

Reply-to: IS the right thing to do, IMO, since it will get
people to reply to the correct address.  It is very simple
and users can do it without root permission on your system -
even if you're the only user that's nice.  Additionally, if
you ever connect to the internet through multiple ISPs, you
don't have to change system files every time you connect to
a different one.

The problem with the solution presented above is if you want
to send mail *to your ISP* about something, it'll try and
deliver locally.  For example, mail to root, support,
webmaster, postmaster... @ISP.com will all get delivered
locally and you don't want that.


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