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bootdisk with new kernel

I am trying to install Debian for a while now on a Gateway P5 90 with an
Adaptec 2940 SCSI controler. The bootdisks in the alt directory hang on my
system with an "encountered spurious interrupt error". The bootdisks from
others distributions work fine (slakware and RedHat).

>From many messages on the list, I have understood this (correct me if I am
        - the bootdisk is an msdos disk using Syslinux to boot the kernel.
        - the kernel image name must be LINUX.
        - the bootdisk also contain a file "module.tgz" and the map of the
system "system.map".

My machine is not running Linux and I want absolutely install debian.
Now some questions:
        - Can I use an image of the kernel coming from an other
distribution, and wich one?
        - Do I need a module.tgz file on the boot disk if the kernel I use
includes all the drivers needed to boot my system?
        - Do I need a system.map file?
        - Are there some debian user with the same machine and happy with
the alt bootdisks?

Sorry if my questions are stupid. I am not a Unix Guru, just a user who
would like to install debian. But I have read all the FAQS, docs, readme,
HOWTO...and I do'nt find the answer.
Thank you for your help (and sorry for my english).


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