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Re: Garbage on terminal lines driving me nuts!

Mark Shuttleworth (marks@aztec.co.za)  writes:

> If ever I scroll binary data across a virtual terminal the 
> character set gets completely stuffed - the only things which
> come out all right are CAPS and digits - lower case letters 
> are replaced with the worst gobbledegook...
> Nothing seems to fix this other than a reboot - and I really don't
> like taking the server down for something so arbitrary.
> *Please* tell me this is a known and easily cured problem ;-)

OK: This is a well known and easily cured problem :) Fortunately.

Quick cure: type ^v ^o. (control-v etc) You are done. You could
put these into your system prompt to stop this from ever happening. 

This is the response of the console terminal type (and others, such
as DEC vtxxx types) to certain control characters.
If this happens in kermit, for example, I get back to a kermit>
prompt and PUSH, then issue ^v^o. Blind, of course, but the system
sees what you type, not what _you_ see.

Hope this works for you as well as it did for me, and thanks to
all who told me about this.

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