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Re: AcceleratedX and XFree86

According to John T. Larkin:
> One of the things you would gain by using _XFree86_ is the ease of use of
> the debian packages.  Using the packages, X usually works 'out of the box',
> and sometimes requires minor tweaks to get it running.  All of the 
> X-libraries, fonts, accelerated server options, symlinks, etc. are all set
> up for you.  Unless you're doing something where graphics speed with X
> is of utmost importance, the time saved by using the debian XFree86 packages
> over AcceleratedX would be greater than the time saved by a slightly faster
> X.

Since AccelX sits on top of it, there isn't any problem with this.
I've found AccelX to be much easier configure.  It's usually
just looking up your card's name in a database of 400+ cards.
However, it's a one copy per machine and no source situation.  I know if
I had a high-performance card and there was a better product for supporting
it and it was fairly cheap then I do it.  It's a good $100 for a
$300 card.   :)


BTW, again I still don't work for Xinside and these are *my* opinions.

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