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FTP SERVER ftp.debian.org

Just for warning if you are mirroring ftp.debian.org:/debian using 
anonymous ftp and not the special mirror account you are about to be in 
for a surprise when your mirror deletes itself.

Currently ftp.debian.org has 5 files within the debian archive. This is 
being updated from the master developer archive as I type but I don't 
expect it to be done for about 24 hours.

If however you are using the mirror account to retrieve the archive then 
you should be ok since I have disabled the mirror account until we settle 
back to normal.....

Sorry for the interuption of service. Hope to be back soon...

Matthew S. Bailey
107 Emmons Hall
Central Michigan University
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858


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my terminal, or the view out my window are purely coincidental.  Any
resemblance between the above and my own views is non-deterministic.
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