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AcceleratedX and XFree86

I am trying to setup a PC to run Debian Linux on but found out from my vendor
that the #9 Motion 771 video adapter that I ordered (4 months ago!) came with
only 2 MB VRAM instead of 4 MB VRAM as I had requested.  They suggested going
with the Matrox Milennium.  Found out it is a lot faster but that it is NOT
supported by XFree86 but IS supported by AcceleratedX.

What do I gain by using AcceleratedX instead of XFree86 besides speed and H/W
support and what do I lose?  AccleratedX has several different packages that
can be purchased.  Can I get the same stuff from XFree86?  What about the code?
If I want to do X Window programming, will I be losing valuable coding examples
by using AccelerateX?  Any other pluses/minuses?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Masood Ahmed
Science Applications International Corp.

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