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Re: a unified documentation interface without overkill

>From reflex.simplex.nl!couperus Mon Feb  5 12:31:50 1996
> [inverted indexing] without advanced techniques adds essentialy nothing to
> the good old find&grep method.

Nothing except a user-interface. That's not so bad for a start.

> At the moment the cheapest solution is viewer dispatching.

You have a point. In this case I'd prefer to build this into an existing
HTML viewer and dispatch converters to HTML at view-time. That would be
very straightforward.

> I can have it ready by Monday morning and perfect :-)

If you are willing to present us with a schedule and stick to it that would
be great.

Bruce Perens <Bruce@Pixar.com> Pixar Animation Studios
"At least Pixar's second film doesn't have to be backward-compatible with
the first". - Steve Jobs

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