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Re: how to change the kernel in the boot disk?

On Mon, 5 Feb 1996, Carl V Streeter wrote:

> Carlos Carvalho writes:
> > 
> > I'm trying to isntall 0.93R6 in a machine with a Buslogic SCSI card
> > and a Zynx ether card. However the boot kernel thinks they're an
> > Adaptec 1542 and a lance ones :-( Therefore I'd like to compile a
> > tailored kernel in another machine and put it in the boot disk to do
> > the installation. Is this possible? How? What's the filesystem on the
> > boot disk? How can I run lilo to make the floppy bootable?
> Make the kernel.
> run 'rdev kernel root_device' where kernel is the name of the kernel
> you just made, and root_device is the name of the root filesystem on the
> machine you're trying to boot.
> run 'dd if=kernel of=/dev/fd0', assuming fd0 on that machine is the
> same size floppy as on the machine you're trying to boot.

Actually that isn't the way to do it. The Debian boot disk is made using
SYSLINUX not LILO. To put a custom kernel onto the disk (which has an
MSDOS filesystem on it) just copy the kernel to the disk. If you want that
kernel to be used by the rest of the installation process then you must
call it 'LINUX' and maybe rename the existing 'LINUX' file to something

You can choose which kernel to boot at the 'boot:' prompt just by 
entering its name and any parameters you want to give it.

While installing the base system, the 'LINUX' file will be copied from 
the boot disk to the installed system.

Steve Early

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