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Re: how to change the kernel in the boot disk?

Carlos Carvalho writes:
> I'm trying to isntall 0.93R6 in a machine with a Buslogic SCSI card
> and a Zynx ether card. However the boot kernel thinks they're an
> Adaptec 1542 and a lance ones :-( Therefore I'd like to compile a
> tailored kernel in another machine and put it in the boot disk to do
> the installation. Is this possible? How? What's the filesystem on the
> boot disk? How can I run lilo to make the floppy bootable?

Make the kernel.
run 'rdev kernel root_device' where kernel is the name of the kernel
you just made, and root_device is the name of the root filesystem on the
machine you're trying to boot.
run 'dd if=kernel of=/dev/fd0', assuming fd0 on that machine is the
same size floppy as on the machine you're trying to boot.

Hope this helps.

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