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Re: modules problems

On Thu, 1 Feb 1996 rulnick@seas.ucla.edu wrote:

> Unresolved Issues (IMHO)
> ------------------------
> 1. What exactly happens with 'make modules' and 'make
> modules_install'?  Can someone describe the algorithm, or at least the
> philosophy?

These actions will ONLY compile and install options in config marked with 
'm', with the exception of the bsd_comp module (I have no idea why 
bsd_comp is an exception, and it gives errors at boot up)

> 2. Should 'make modules' and 'make modules_install' *precede* or
> *follow* the kernel-building 'make zlilo' (or 'zImage' or 'zdisk')?
It doesn't seem to matter. (A little thought indicates their relative 

> 3. Are there instances when 'make modules' and 'make modules_install'
> should *not* be used?
When you set CONFIG_MODULES and CONFIG_KERNELD  to 'n' you will not need 
to do these steps.

> 4. What are the appropriate settings, *and why*, for 
CONFIG_MODULES and CONFIG_KERNELD should be yes for modules and no for 
monolithic kernel.

I still have no idea what CONFIG_MODVERSIONS is for :-(

> I certainly understand if people are tired of talking about modules,
> so my apologies to the exasperated.

I too can understand why some might become exasperated. I personaly get 
exasperated (read torqued) when others wish to end the discussion before 
all points have been resolved.

It is quite clear that the "loadable modules" issues are not yet 



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