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Re: modules problems

I just went back and re-read modules.txt in /usr/src/linux/Documentation.
BTW, there are other good reads in this directory :-)

It makes a lot more sense, now that I understand the 'm' config option 
better. The second paragraph speaks to the CONFIG_MODVERSIONS issue, but 
is still a little vague. If I understand what is said there; setting this 
option frees modules from being version dependant, but makes the system 
dependant on the modules-1.1.8 package of utilities. I suspect this is 
why Simon and Bruce would wish to not set this option (installation is 
easier with fewer dependancies). It seems to me that the only time this 
option would be really useful, would be when you want to upgrade the 
kernel, but don't want to upgrade some, or all, of the modules (for 
instance, the new version doesn't support your hardware any more, while 
the old one does)

Another point that is vaguely referenced in modules.txt is that of the 
root file system. You CAN NOT modularize the file system used by the root 
file system. (The module must already be loaded before you can mount the 
file system that the module resides on. Catch 22)

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