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Re: emacs "Updating..." in TeX

I haven't been through the source but I think I have some pretty good
hunches on what is going on.

I believe that you are seeing AUC-TeX's auto-parsing features in
work. AUC-TeX is a fancy package which collects a lot of
information. In particular it parses style files for information such
as command names. So my guess is that the latex.elc you are referring
to is he result of the parsing of latex.tex which is a *huge* file
with a equally huge amount of symbols.

Basically, I believe that the wait (which is also in the range of
seconds, even here on my 133Mhz 64Mb SGI Indy) is the simple
consequence of the amount of work emacs has to do when initializing

If you can not live with it, I am pretty sure that you can turn it
off, though things such as (LaTeX) command completion probably will
stop working.

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