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Re: emacs "Updating..." in TeX

(One more follow-up, and request for help...)

[Note: This problem now appears to me to be non-debian specific, but I
thought I should keep the discussion here since this is where it
started a few weeks ago.  Any help will be appreciated, and I am happy
to take suggestions on cross-posting or moving the discussion. -JMR]

As mentioned a few weeks ago, in emacs it often takes four to six
seconds to load a TeX file, while a mysterious "Updating...done"
message appears in the minibuffer.  This can be traced to the file
latex.elc (source: latex.el) in the auctex package.  Unfortunately, I
cannot decipher the source to find out what causes such a great delay
(no, four to six seconds isn't that long to paint a house, but it is
mighty annoying when loading several files in a row, or switching
between files).  I would greatly appreciate it if an emacs-lisp
afficionado would take a look at latex.el (from
debian-0.93/source/tex/auctex-9.2y-7.tar.gz), at or after line 1850
(are .el and .elc files read sequentially by emacs?), and provide a
pointer or two.  Maybe one just has to live with this or get rid of
auctex; please advise.  Thanks.


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