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Re: 1.3.57 module loading problems

Thanks to all who contributed to my understanding of kernel building!

The fundamental issue, not covered in the README file is, (thank you 
Bruce!) when you enable CONFIG_MODULES and CONFIG_KERNELD it is not 
sufficient. Now you MUST say 'm' (and not y) to those options that can be 
modules or they will not be compiled as modules! This was all that it 
took for the modules to be compiled, placed in the proper directory, and 
be installable with insmod. 

Another point of order: Building the kernel does not modify /etc/modules 
so if your module configuration has changed, you must update modules to 
reflect the new modules. I made the aha1542 support into a module and 
then couldn't mount my CDR untill I insmoded the module. Adding it to the 
/etc/modules file installs it at boot time.

Two things still puzzle me.

	1. Why is the correct response to CONFIG_MODVERSIONS no? 
	   What is the purpose of this parameter?

	2. What are the modules bsd_comp and scsi_mod?

WRT #2 even when I was doing the build wrong, bsd_comp would be compiled 
and installed. Now that I am doing it correctly (at least more closely 
correct) the two mentioned modules create the 'unsatisfied symbols' error 
at boot up. I can't even find scsi_mod.o on the system anywhere.

Does anyone know what causes these two modules to be treated this way?

Again, thanks for the wonderful input from this group. I feel much more 
"in control" of my system now, and my also have gained some "fundamental" 
knowledge in the process.

Truck on,


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