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Re: I'll do "deliver" if...

Hi Chip,

The docs that are to be found on ftp.debian.org explain
things in a 'reference manual' kind of way...  maybe I'm
slow but it did take me a while to get going.

The idea generally is to create a makefile called "debian.rules"
in the top directory of your source tree.  This has a number of
targets:  binary and clean being the most important.

The binary target:

   1. makes the binaries.
   2. creates a 'virtual root directory',  usually called debian-tmp.
   3. installs binaries and config files under that
      e.g. ./debian-tmp/etc/<conffile>
   4. calls dpkg to make that virtual directory into a debian package.

The clean target undoes all of that.

There is a sample debian rules file which needs some tuning,  and which
also generates the source "pkcg.tar.gz" and diff "pckg.diff.gz" files
for you.  It expects there to be a directory ../pckg-ver-rev.orig

Hope this helps,

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