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Hi all,

Running superprobe these are the results:

First video: Super-VGA
        Chipset: ATI (chipset unknown)
                Signature data: 5b (please report)
        Memory:  0 Kbytes
        RAMDAC:  Generic 8-bit pseudo-color DAC
                 (with 6-bit wide lookup tables (or in 6-bit mode))
        Attached graphics coprocessor:
                Chipset: ATI Mach64
                Memory:  1024 Kbytes

I dont seem to get my xwindows to work. Someone else adviced me to use
the version xmach64B version instead of an earlier version. Also
doesnt work.  Can anyone help me with the right settings in
xf86config.  Thanks in advance.

Nick Franken

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