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Re: Shadow Passwords

  Donald> I do know there are linux machines using shaddowed passwords,
  Donald> what are they using ??

Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that "all" I had to do to
enable shadow passwords was to get the shadow suite that was then (is still?)
maintained by Florian LaRoche. Build a lib, recompile all binaries that need
(ie login, ftpd, su, ... quite some) and link them against the new shadow lib.
I did that with my pre-Debian system some 15 or so month ago.

Life's too short to do that regularly. 

  Donald> Is it the debian group that are writing the shadow suite, which
  Donald> would mean it would not be useable by say slackware ?( am I correct
  Donald> in my assumptions?)

Err, yes. But packages, especially system binaries are not generally
interchangeable among distributions in the first place. 

Dirk Eddelb"uttel                              http://qed.econ.queensu.ca/~edd

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