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Re: 1.3.XX compile problems

> > ./xtract /usr/src/linux-1.3.59/vmlinux | gzip -9 | ./piggyback > piggy.o
> > Non-GCC header of 'system'

> The Non-GCC header message looks crucial. It means that xtract doesn't
> I be right in thinking that you've installed ELF? You've got to use
> the a.out compiler with the kernel (As far as I know.). If not then it

You are right about ELF. Turns out I did a dumb-'n-stupid(T) and told config to use modules for ELF. I was seeing just how modular I could get and shot myself in the foot. Apparently the kernel will compile just fine with ELF, but you have to add in ELF support (not modular) and then you are presented the option to compile in ELF format.

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