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Re: Debian vs. BOGUS

Bruce> Also, not all .tar.gz files we
Bruce> download install their files in subdirectories instead of the
Bruce> current directory, not all name the subdirectory the way we
Bruce> like, not all use gzip to compress, etc.

Yes, these problems could not be solved with diffs; this is one of the
reasons, why BOGUS provides Notes files _containing_ scripts and diffs.
So you simply run some commands to create a directory and then you can
unpack the source code in this directory.  The nice thing about Notes
files is, that they are pretty easy to read.

Bruce> [...] The debian.preinst and debian.postinst are
Bruce> not so much meta-makefiles as they are part of the binary
Bruce> package installation scheme.

Sure, these and other scripts are quite sophisticated (e.g.,
install-info) -- that's why I think i should like Debian ;-)

All the entries in the package database /var/lib/dpkg/available have a
"Source:" line--but none of these lines is filled out.  I would like
to see there something like:

    Package: gawk
    Source: prep.ai.mit.edu:/pub/gnu/gawk-2.15.6.tar.gz

Don't know your intentions -- I can not find a hint in 
best whishes, Karl.

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