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Debian vs. BOGUS

I'm just switching from the BOGUS distribution to Debian--so please be
patient with me ;-)

BOGUS has so called Notes files while Debian has diffs.  The BOGUS Notes
files are separated in sections and subsections; Debian has pre- and
post-scripts: both these meta-Makefile are quite similar in the end...

But there is one point I do not understand: why do you think is it
necessary to repack all the original .tar.gz files and to include the
diffs???  Why not simlpy make a distribution of all the untouched
.tar.gz files, accompanied with the diff files (and the the binary tree
wiht .deb files, of course)?  hello-1.3.tar.gz and hello-1.3-0.diff.gz
(or hello-1.3-1.diff.gz, or hello-1.3-2.diff.gz, and so on) should be

Thanks for the time, Karl.

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