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Re: User invocation of pppd (Re: diald & pppd trouble query)

>I know that you would like to solve the pppd permissions problem, but
>I'd like to suggest that diald is an excellent way to go, as well.

Often, this is the case.  On many systems, however, having explicit
invocation is a good thing, to make sure that it is always meant.  For
example, I keep a crontab entry:

5,25,45 * * * *   if fping -q webstar.net ; then popclient -3 -s
-u piquan -P $HOME/.pop-passwd webstar.net ; fi

which checks my mail while I'm online, but it would invoke diald.
Additionally, diald can be a security risk on certain configurations
(to-wit: configuration with separate dial in and dial out lines).
Granted, this is not a common thing, but it would be best to get pppd
in order.

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