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Re: User invocation of pppd (Re: diald & pppd trouble query)

What seems sufficient is to addgroup ppp, adduser moi-meme ppp, and
then run chown .ppp and chmod 4750 on the following files:

  -rwsr-x---   1 root     ppp         138 Nov 30 22:40 ppp-off

  -rwsr-x---   1 root     ppp         24611 Oct  3 21:48 chat
  -rwsr-x---   1 root     ppp         90823 Oct  3 21:48 pppd

Now, as this message's arrival should prove, I can run /usr/sbin/pppd
from moi-meme's login seemlessly.

Unfartunately, diald still just drops the line after successfully
running chat, even though I'm now using ttyS3 instead of cua3.  tant

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