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Re: User invocation of pppd (Re: diald & pppd trouble query)

Philip Tuckey wrote:
[Discussion about starting pppd as a regular user deleted.]


I know that you would like to solve the pppd permissions problem, but
I'd like to suggest that diald is an excellent way to go, as well.

I have diald start-up at boot time, and then I only have to start
something like Netscape and the PPP connection comes up automatically.

If you don't want to use the features of diald for idle detection (ie,
you want to leave your link up), then you can write commands to a fifo.
On my system, I have a script that forces the link to stay up. It looks
like this:

echo force > /etc/diald.fifo

When I want turn idle detection back on:

echo unforce > /etc/diald.fifo

/etc/diald.fifo is chmod a+rw. I don't think this is a security hole,
although it would be a mess on a multi-user system. So would setting
pppd suid root. :)

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