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User invocation of pppd - ppp-on.c

Hi Joel,

    joel> This will be standardized and added to debian Real Soon Now (TM).

    joel> (Notice:  PEOPLE WHO USE THIS SORT OF THING: Mail to me
    joel> <joelh@gnu.ai.mit.edu> so I know that there's a demand!)

Although I am now the pppd package maintainer I have kept quiet up to
now on this topic because I personally do not think user invocation of
pppd is a good idea.  However there appears to be some demand for it
and Debian must be user driven or it will be of no use to anyone.

So if you send me what you think should be the standard ppp-on ppp-off
code I will add it as part of the standard pppd package.

Has anyone else any code they think should also go in?

Almost every ppp user I know has some form of script that they use in
conjunction with the pppd package so perhaps I should gather them all
together and include then in /usr/doc/pppd/example_scripts or some

What do people think?


PS - Im assuming all debian-devel also get debian-user

Alvar Bray

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